I got the job!!!!!!!

I cried. A LOT. Relief, feeling believed in, hard work paying off, long-held aspirations achieved. It was wonderful. My eldest and I went to the ice-cream shop to celebrate after school.

Now I’ve just got to work out how to combine being a professional and being a parent…

It’s been a long and agonising wait but it seems my constant banging on the door is finally bearing results; this week I received not one, but TWO interview invites!

It honestly feels like such a vindication of the hours and hours spent writing out applications (12, to date) —…

Covid19 caught up with me. Thankfully I’m yet to contract the virus itself, but its claws have taken a grip of my career and smashed it to pieces. No international travel means no international students means no work to do means no job.

For the first time since I…

Alice Kerby

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